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Charging Infrastructure: (Renewable Energy, Interoperability of EVs, Data and Standards)

The Working Group would support the development of public, private and commercial (fleet operators, business, etc.) charging networks in South Africa through improvement of specifications and policy support, adoption of best practices, optimization of installation requirements.

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Battery and Recycling

The Working Group would work on the improvement of batteries, advocate for the introduction of standards of batteries, materials, and cell design, and research on the recycling of batteries to make them easier and more cost-effective.

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Policy & Incentives

The Working Group would identify which policies are important to a country’s market of EVs and assess the effectiveness of the policies in a country. Further research is necessary on introduction of policy and regulatory framework to enable the mechanisms of the industrial chain, which may influence the production of electrified vehicles

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Vehicle Systems

The Working Group would look into introduction of vehicle systems to the value chain. The group would also be responsible to identify key challenges and enablers (both legislative and technological) to newer technologies in niche markets.

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Communication and Awareness Creation

The Working Group would identify and use effective means of communication and awareness creation in the transport sector to tackle the barriers hindering the adoption of E-Mobility in South Africa.

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Mobility Concept and EcoMobility Services

The Working Group will focus on identifying collaboration opportunities to better develop the EV industry in South Africa.

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EV 101: Sustainable driving and living

This is an information sharing group, which will focus on keeping the general mass updated about electric vehicle technologies, their purchase and operating costs, the available government financial incentives, and much more.

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